September 2016

We are at the end of the monsoon season here in Arizona.  It’s threatening rain at the moment but for my little part of the world it has been pretty dry.  Floods all around but my house and yard and garden haven’t really benefited much from it.  A small drought in the midst of rain.  On the plus side its been a  cool July.  Always nice to miss out on 100 plus degree weather.

The last couple of shows have been good but of course that means I have to make more which can sometimes be a burden, especially if you don’t have much time between shows.  So for the last three weeks it has been gourds every day but I am ready for my show in Pine, Arizona over the Labor Day weekend.  I’ll be inside so if the weather forecasts are wrong (they are predicting sunshine) won’t have to worry about it anyway.  Just makes for a cooler day.

Trying to make some new things.  I like trying out new ideas.  Some don’t go well and end up in my compost pile.  Others make it to the show table.  The lamp has been in the works for awhile but finally got it done.  Not exactly a reading lamp but I think it turned out kind of cool.  I have two other gourds that I work on sporadically and they will still be sitting around when I head to my show.  Some pieces go well, others take awhile to come together.

Below are a couple of my new pieces, come by and visit me sometime, my show schedule has just been updated recently.

 Feather Lamp1545y

Feather Lamp 1545


CaptioMtn. Lions & Bighorns


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